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    Default water extinguisher

    I have seen water extinguishers also termed as APW. what does APW stand for?

    In my petrochemical company we have dry chemical powder extinguishers only and no foam extinguishers. Do your orgs follow this practise.


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    Air Pressurized Water

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    Vinay, your available extinguishers are usually based on what potential fire you have in the area. You usually wouldn't see a dry chem in a computer room, for example.

    Most petrochem facilities I have been in have alot of dry chem with CO2 in the electrical areas.

    Be safe, R2

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    We're starting to see some "Cleanguard" extinguishers out here. They look about the same as a normal dry chem ABC with the exception of being somewhat more stocky in posture.

    Funny story about them- being somewhat unfamiliar with them originally... we took delivery of a bunch of them for our fire extinguisher training and in one class blew off a whole batch of 15. I didn't know the difference until I discharged one and nothing came out... but the fire went out! NEAT... a clean agent for training!

    Later that day someone came back in a panick and asked where all the extinguishers were that had just been delivered. I said that we'd already used them. They said that they were cleanguard extinguishers and had been delivered by mistake. They were supposed to be returned. I said they were returned... empty.

    He turned pale.

    So what?

    They're 400 bucks a piece.

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