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    Default Cal Fire Seasonal FF

    Am I the only one that hasn't heard anything? Letter said end of April, I ranked a 2, and this is my first time applying. I have no previous experience other than being close to completion of my first fire academy. Common sense tells me those that are into multiple seasons would get first notification, and then on down the line. Is there any truth to that? I dont want to call and ask flat out but Im becoming curious, rather paranoid "what if my phone was off, or my mail was returned". Just thought I'd throw my feelers out there. Any input appreciated!

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    Where did you interview?

    I believe previous seasonal FF's get first priority on hiring, but Rank 1 and 2 are the ones they hire out of normally. And like most things government related, they will be waiting until the last possible day specified on the letter to let you know. Good luck nonetheless.

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    Rowdyroddy, which units did you interview for? Hopefully not just one.... I interviewed with 7 different units and scored four rank 1's and three rank 2's and have not heard anything yet. I've been politicing in Butte and San Mateo-Santa Cruz pretty hard and alot of the captains say that they have no positions available yet but a couple of their seasonals are on lists for transfers to different units, promoting to Lt. Engineers, or on lists for municipal departments; so basically things could change in a days notice is what their telling me.

    I know last year a couple of my buddies got the call the first week of June for jobs and that was when the state was not going through a bad budget crisis. Anyways I would recommend politicing (meet the station captains, as they are the ones that choose who gets hired) with the units your interviewed with and don't get discouraged that you haven't gotten the call yet, it's still quite early in terms of getting picked up for Cal Fire.

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