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Thread: AED Question

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    Default AED Question

    I am applying for 3 AEDs. 1 will replace an exsisting AED. The other 2 will be to equip our 2nd engine and our squad. Will I list these as two different equipment request and list 1 as a replacement and the other 2 as new additional needed equipment. Or would they need to be listed as one request and list as replacing outdated equipment. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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    Seen it (and done it) both ways and haven't found anyone to say it holds any different consequence. True form is probably split requests, but as long as it's explained in the narrative if you do 1 request as replacing 1 and needing 2 more shouldn't be any issues about anything.

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    Thanks I could see it both ways, but was not sure what was best approach

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