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    Default Prep Book needed


    I have a B-Pad interview coming up, and I was curious if anyone can recommend some reading material? I heard Some your Firefighter Interview is good. I have done this style of interview before and they ask scenario style questions like

    1.) See captain or co-worker taking an item off a dresser
    2.) See Co-worker putting fire extinguishers in their trunk
    3.) You know a co-worker is doing drugs on the job.

    etc. etc.

    If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.


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    Get the don mcnea fireprep psych exam testprep, it will help with that a lot and obviously help if you make it to the psych. Like you said a lot of people had success with the interview preps but I think I did better because of the psych. The same "attitude" they are looking for in the psych is the same you should have in the BPAD. I'm not saying you should fake who you are but more or less "hone it in." Other than that, it's a pretty subjective exam which is kind of hurtful so don't feel bad if you don't pass. I've heard of guys who took 2 at the same time for different depts and said the same thing and ended up with scores at opposite ends of the spectrum. As always in any/all FD hiring tests and interviews remember: youre not a cop, customer service, report wrong doings, chain of comand. Good luck dude.

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