Other then being a Fire explorer I have no real connection to a fire dept. for over a year I've been a NREMT-Basic, and Im a state trained firefighter I, Wildland Firefighter, hazmat Ops and a few other small certs. I want to get on a fire dept real bad however know one is hiring even call firefighters around here. I cant get into any training because the rest of the training you pretty much need a fire dept. connection to get in. Im currently enroled into a Paramedic course(its looking at this rate I will be a Paramedic fire explorer!! ;] ) in the fall but I have recently been looking at doing 4 years in the USAF as a firefighter. my parents are telling me that I am acting irrational but the Air force really does seem to do wonders for firefighters. I know it will give me more certs, and look great on a resume, and will pay for my medic school when I get out. Is it really worth it? I would love to get some feedback on people that have or know poeple that have done this program.
Thank You