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    Need comments and info on length of shifts for EMS providers. I work in a combo career/vol system in a county of approx. 40000. We are all vol fire and combo EMS. 7 fire stations with 4 of those with EMS units. Our county agency provides 24/7 (24/72 rotation) ALS chase with daytime staffing in stations. 2 sta. have 10hr EMT 5day/wk, 1 sta. has 12hr/7day Medic, and the busiest sta. has a full ALS crew 10hr/5day. Additionally we provide a BLS chase 14hr/5day after the regular stations are unstaffed and 24hr on weekends(this person works in a sta. then on the chase at night - 24/72 rotation). On the nights and weekends we (the ALS & BLS chases) spend most of our time covering each stations calls. Volunteer help is less and less. Some shifts are pretty brutal. Here is my point. My manager says we need to go to a 12hr shift because of increased call volume and decreased vol. help.
    He states studies are showing that 12hr shifts are more effective, but does not provide proof. I don't won't to loose my 24/72!!!!!

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    Washington DC currently has guys riding the ambulance for 24 hour shifts. These are 3 1/2 month details to the ambulance, but it is a doable schedule. Some units run 5 or 6 runs a shift, the one I've been detailed to runs 15-20 with about a 75% transport rate.

    Even being this busy, I still would not want to give up 24/72.

    e-mail me if I can be of more help, or I can stop by, I live nearby.

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