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    Default Stuck in FG08 nomans land?

    Did not get a DJ letter and no 10Q or 1099. Apparently others in same category. I got ahold of FG HQ last week and they tracked down our app. Flushed at computer scoring but for some reason (TBD) they did not send out a DJ letter. Promised a why failed letter this week.

    Rep said if you don't know status of your 08 app call. Kevin Piat is the guy that called me back and apparently the guy who can figure out where you are. 202-786-9822

    Apparently my failure is/may be. Not 100% FF1, didn't request training $ to solve this (don't need it as State of Iowa funds FF1). I think Kevin said there is another variable in the logic loop but I don't remember what it was (waiting for his email). Otherwise should have had a successful app.

    Apparently best "solution" is if not 100% FF1 request training $ for something. Check the box.

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    That is crazy. We are still waiting on a 2008 OPíS award. I talked to a person at the help desk last week and He said He tracked our application (I hope) and said we were still in the running for an award.

    I will give the gentleman you mentioned a call tomorrow morning. If I donít go nuts and end up at the funny farm sometime threw out the night after reading your post.

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    Had plenty go through that weren't at 100% and didn't ask for training. Just had to explain why, same thing as this year. Quite a few states have it covered for free, others it's just a time issue. Hard to cram 300 hours in 10 hours a month.

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