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    Smile 12 lead Defib/Monitors

    Can anyone tell me if the AFG will reject my attempt to get 12 lead Defib/Monitors because I am a BLS non-transport service. We run out ahead of an not for profit ILS service that comes from the next town over. Our area EMS system does allow BLS services to use 12 lead to record the information for the ER as soon as possible. We can get that started ASAP as well as all the other vital signs the units can take and record. Looking for some insight on this topic. Has anyone been successful at getting 12 for BLS?

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    While the priority this year is increased for ALS projects, I see two difficulties selling your application to the AFG program.

    First you are a BLS service
    Second you are not a transporting service.

    Unless you also ask for training funding to raise your license level of your providers to ALS it would in my opinion not score highly asking for ALS monitors.

    Taking a 12 lead for history purposes is fine ,but you cannot do any treatments other than BLS oxygen ,& ASA . if I understand your protocols.
    Not an easy sell to AFG to fund such expensive Monitors 20-25 k each

    These are just my thoughts and personal feelings on the question.
    Maybe someone else will have a different idea.

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    Try upgrading your current 3-lead. It's alot cheaper and will help out your cost benefit. Anyplace you can get a few extra points is very helpful

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