Hello I'm Paul Guevara and I'm from Alexandria, VA.I have a question regarding an issue with my recent disqualification from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. I served in the Marine Corps as an 0311 Infantryman for 4 years and got out in 2006 after serving 2 tours in Iraq. Upon returning home, I was diagnosed with PTSD and taking psychiatric medications. I tried out for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue in Virginia. I Passed the written and the CPAT and when I got to my medical exam, they disqualified me due to my PTSD and psychiatric medications mostly for mood stabilization and for sleep. All they gave me was a disqualification letter and sent me on my way! I was very upset. I spent 7 months in the process attending the CPAT Practices and waiting around for calls for the next step in the process. All I had was the polygraph left to be done. I even had a slot in the next Fire Academy (granted I passed the medical exam). I'm wondering if the PTSD/ psych medicine disqualification is different for each County or is it a nationwide Fire Department SOP that those are disqualifiers? If you would give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it. Something is telling me to try out other counties but I want to know if it's worth it only for a possible disqualification again in the end. I won't be off the meds anytime soon but I still have a strong desire to be a firefighter. I'm only 25 years old so I'm still very young and I won't be on the medication forever. Is this thing one of those where you have to keep a secret from the occupational health center or was it a good idea that I told them about my condition anyway? Thanks guys I greatly appreciate it!