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Well the project we get the grant from is Fire Paradox. It has been founded in the 6th European Union
Research Program. I'm the Module 10 leader in this project. That means we are in charge of designing
the professional training for firefighters around Europe. What we are doing is to:

Define the knowledge a firefighter should have in Europe
Design the courses and the grades needed for each position
Identify the training test and training systems
Identify the group of training experts
The web address were all is more or less explained is in www.fireparadox.org
The total grant in the project is 12.000.000 Euros
We will be using about 1.500.000 euros for the training

In all that training CPS is identified as a needed part of it and is included in the training materials.

We started the project last March, but haven't been until this December we have defined the main goals.
Now I've got 4 more guys in my team to produce all the material. We will include you in the mailing list,
so you can get the evolution of all of this.

Will keep you informed.

ANNEX 1: Bombers de la Generalitat de Catalunya Training Model.

Progress is going on with training. This year we have implemented a complete training for 4800 firefighters from England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Germany. So, CPS is all over. Of course each country is adapting it to its needs and experience, but we keep monitoring them in order to make sure the basics and essentials are there.

To start the training system the Fire Paradox project offers itself as a platform and will carry out the instruction of the trainers based on a program of subjects that will enable them to anticipate fire behaviour and to know the most suitable technique to attack it in each situation.


This is the first level where the responsibility to make decisions appears. In this portion there must be introductory modules as well as the introduction of knowledge like fire physics, paradox of extinction, meteorology, topography, CPS (logic analysis and practice), forest fire safety, typology of smoke columns, etc. Also, the practical modules of the operative tactics in prescribed burning are more detailed and the tactics with helicopter crews are introduced.

Superior Commanders

In this training, key aspects like strategies and tactics to develop in the GIF are introduced, as well as the fire scenarios evolution and the strategies to fight them.

Also, there are established criteria for the evacuation and the confinement, the CPS analysis, the basic propagation patterns, and ICS in the attack, confinement, and mop-up stages of the fire.

Superior commanders have the responsibility to manage a single event.

Specialists in the use of prescribed fire in extinction

It is intended to give a specific training in physics of fire, paradox of extinction and basic patterns of propagation as well as typology of columns, which can be of key importance in the different phases of a fire if it is known how to make an accurate and specific reading.

This knowledge is reinforced with an advanced training in CPS, planning of tactics, searching of critical points and location of opportunities, as well as the generic knowledge of a fire scenarios. This training concedes to the specialist the knowledge to make an interpretation of all the stages of a fire and of all changes that can be given in the course of the extinction, in order to be more effective and safe.

The training in this group highlights subjects like the basic orientation and the use of the GPS.

To reach this level the experience in the firefighter level will be a required.

Planner technician

In this level there must be technicians with forest training, with advanced knowledge of fires scenarios, historical fires, CPS analysis, strategies of attack, searching of critical points, location of opportunities, meteorology and topography.

These technicians will have the following functions: writing, planning, preparing, following-up and maintaining the prevention tasks of forest fires, and carry out the daily pursuit of the variables that affect behaviour of the forest fires and their potential.

The planner technician can be part of the level of superior commander that has been described before.

Certification exercise

To validate the level of training of each member of the trainers’ group accreditation exercises are being defined. In these exercises the capacity of analysis, the search of critical points, and the approach of the tactics will be evaluated according to each level of training defined.

The analysis exercise done in Tivissa (November 2006) was a test to verify a possible methodology for the accreditation exercise