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    Is there a compliance of some sort for foam & proportioners? Currently, I don't have any foam on my trucks, but would like to try and get on the AFG grant. I know it is not required, just looking for help answering the compliance question.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    At a minimum in most of the upper midwest now have a considerable threat from the ethanol boondoggle. Distilleries and tank trucks/railcars of moonshine and gasoline (denaturant) running around everywhere in the corn belt. If not making it in your district/county certainly trucks/railcars running down your roads.

    FG has been funding Ar-AFFF and equipment for addressing the hazard. Including trailers with totes, monitors, eductors etc. Can be a fairly broad "shopping list" of useful equipment. Figure at least a couple of totes to address a real spill/incident.

    Add on a foam pump/tank for installing a Class A system on your pumper/pumpers (if you're going to use it).

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