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    Question HAZMAT Technitian no longer required for 5 level upgrade

    Per the new instruction from AFCESA dated 4 May09 regarding the change of 5 level upgrade, I was wondering if anyone knows or can find out about the requirement for upgrade. I was held up on upgrade for 5 level because of HAZMAT Tech and it held me back for over 18 months in which I just received my 5 level in Feb09. I am prior service and have over 9 years as an E5 and 12 years total service. I had all of my driver operators as of 2 years ago(April07) and just received my HMT in February09. Should i be able to get my 5 level upgrade backdated to the day I finished up my D/O courses(APR07). Also I have completed all of my 7 level courses so I am kindof in limbo trying to figure this out due to AEF coming up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    specifically, what is your question?

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    Depending on your Assistant Chief of Training and the Unit Training Monitor, you might be able to. Normally the date of your upgrade is the day eveyone signed the appropiate request for upgrade form and it was entered into MILPDS (Your AC will know what that is). Considering that Haz-Mat Tech was a requirement while you were in UGT, I would say that your 5 skill level award date is going to stay at Feb 09.

    If you have 12 years total service time, I'm assuming that you are an NCO. Considering that you have your 7 skill level requirements completed, I would concentrate on getting that upgrade entered into MILPDS. Get with your A/C of Training to see when you can be upgraded to the 7 skill level. It sould like you should be able to be upgraded now unless you are a cross trainee. If you came back in and went to tech school, then you should be eligible for 7 skill level upgrade due to the time frame.

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