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    I am beginning the process of looking at boots for Technical Rescue/USAR applications. I was looking to see what everyone was choosing for footwear and what opinions they had of them. Thanks for your help, stay safe.

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    This is probably the most popular boot. I have a pair that is over 5 years old and are heavily used. They are a little heavy, although I am sure the weight has been reduced in the newest model. But they have lasted and are still wearable.

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    I am currently wearing the above mentioned model, and have also worn the Matterhorn 12700. Comparing both I feel the Matterhorn is a mile better. I feel the fit, feel and comfort is much better.

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    What's wrong with plain old redwings?
    I've had a pair for years, not very heavy, comfortable, steel toe.

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    I have a pair of the Haix Airpower,

    I have had them about three years and like them. They are very comfortable and light. My only con is that the sole seems to be soft and wears pretty quickly.

    About two months ago I bought a pair of Globes new 10" Technical,

    They are larger and a bit heavier, but I am still deciding if that is not better. Definitly a harder sole, and comes with extra insoles for custom fit. A lot more cushion in the foot and ankle area. I will give them a few months before I make a decision though.

    Both pairs were and are worn three days a week all day at the Academy and on call outs for the Tech. Rescue Team.

    Good Luck!

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    I am presently breaking in a pair of Globe US&R boots that have been issued to our team members.

    Not very impressed. Very little ankle support due to the reflective material used in that area. Weird lacing/zip system that doesn't let me tighten the boots as much as I would like.

    They are very comfortable to wear but I am a little leery when using them on uneven ground due to two previous ankle injuries earlier in my fire service career.

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