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    Quote Originally Posted by idiotboy
    I can see it now. For the next four years there will be no authorized abortions and fertility will be funded to its fullest, change of administration. For the next four years, abortions will be fully funded and no Alzheimer’s payments. This country has enough problems without adding politics to the health care system.
    Gotta love arguments based on hypotheticals.
    Politics is like driving. To go forward select "D", to go backward select "R."

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    Quote Originally Posted by scfire86 View Post
    Which could have been avoided had they not requested taxpayer bailout funds.

    Maybe because the impacts of a terrorist attack that utilized airplanes is a different scenario than a poor business model of the US auto industry.

    Could be the blame lies with the CEO who agreed to a contract with the UAW that was unsustainable.

    I'm not a fan of the bailouts. I'm a lesser fan of watching companies and banks go broke and tank both the US and world economies.

    Cumulative salaries for the execs of bailed out companies.

    Given his poor decision making he was overpaid.

    And they don't do that now?

    Born mostly by folks making less than $250K/yr. Republicans always play this game when they start talking about taxes. They start talking about taxes, and then they add the word "income taxes." Payroll taxes are much more regressive. They fall much more aggressively on poor people. So do sales tax. So Republicans always talk about income taxes are so weighted against the rich. That is actually the most progressive part of our taxes.

    See above posts.
    You're not even being logical. AIG caused much more financial damage than GM. So did the people, INCLUDING GOVERNMENTS, that bought derivatives from AIG that they did not understand. Yet your anger is with bankers and auto companies. Of course, this doesn't even address the large marjority of Americans drunk on debt and living well above their means. Yes, the airline collapse had a different nexus, but the overall situation was similar. They had unsustainable business models that could not adjust in a rapidly evolving economy, hindered by untenable labor agreements. There was no outcry that they filed for bankruptcy after getting federal help...or presidential intervention in their leadership.

    It is asinine to place all the blame for the auto industry solely on the companies. The UAW would SHUT DOWN auto companies that failed to meet their demands; that's not exactly an equal negotiating position. The UAW insisted on contracts that paid people well-above what their skills required. The contracts required the auto companies to pay laid off employees, even though they weren't working. Yes, the auto execs failed to react to changes in buying patterns. It is not solely their fault that cars are priced beyond what most people can pay in cash or that it is nearly impossible for them to shut down plants in response to consumer preference.

    Give FACTS showing that the less wealthy pay more taxes than the wealthy. I gave facts; I challenge you to do the same. Payroll taxes, what most of us know as Social Security and Medicare taxes (unless a locality has a payroll tax) are DIRECTLY linked to supposed future benefits (supposed because I doubt the system will survive 20 more years). Rolling those into the overall tax burden is not compatible with the overall discussion of who pays taxes. Benefits are not earned over $98,000 (that might have gone up to $99,500 this year, but my number is pretty close). If you want to pay benefits above that level, then it is fair to tax and include FICA. Of course, these are supposed to be in "trust funds" to pay for future expenses, even though the federal government has spent it all. The reality is that NO ONE actually gets a decent return on the FICA payments, excepting of course those who draw SSI and other forms of Social Security without ever paying in.

    I'll even extend a greater challenge: what percentage of YOUR income do you feel you should be paying to local, state and federal government to support our nation? What percent to you think the average American should pay? Do you think all Americans should pay roughly the same percent, with some fluctuation for personal habits (for example, a smoker or drinker will pay excise taxes that a non-smoker/drinker will not)?
    My comments are sometimes educated, sometimes informed and sometimes just blowing smoke...but they are always mine and mine alone and do not reflect upon anyone else (especially my employer).

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    Posted by firemanjb "You're not even being logical."

    ROFLMAO!!!! You could have stopped right there.

    But the funniest thing is expecting him to support a system that is fair, like the one you propose.

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    Default Obama calls Kanye 'jackass'

    President Hussein and I agree on something.

    Obama calls Kanye 'jackass'
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    The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. --Norman Mattoon Thomas, 6 time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America

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