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    Guys and Gals -

    In the very near future my department will be taking on a used beverage truck for use as a technical rescue rig as we are sorely overloading our Squad rig. The problem with this whole matter is that we're doing it with fund raising efforts and donations.

    We're in need of a few things and I hope that maybe you can look around your nooks and see if you can find these and part with them to help us out...

    What we are in need of is:

    Several surface mounted strobe lights (Whelen Max Beam Style 9x7 and 7x3 sized)

    A pair of 360 degree strobe beacons of Code 3 550's

    An electronic siren and a speaker

    Pretty much anything you wouldn't mind parting ways with...

    We will pick up anything that's within reasonable travel distance to our area.

    I thank everyone for your much anticipated assistance.

    Everything I state on here is to support and aid my fellow firefighters. Everything I post is my opinion only, and in no way should be taken as an official opinion of any Company, Department, or Municipality I represent... oh and this includes Pierce Mfg, as so their legal department has advised me; since they apparently also invented the right to control "Free Speech".

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    Check your PM

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    Don't have anything to give you but make sure you contact Goodwill FC of Pottstown PA. They did the same thing a few years ago and you might want to check with them on how they set up their rig.
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