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    Default Fire Service Bachelors relating to getting a job

    I was wondering how beneficial getting a bachelors in Fire Service Technology would be? I know getting a degree in anything is beneficial, but when does the benefit come into play during the hiring process? How does a degree related to fire compare to a degree in something else? Thanks all and be safe.


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    i am currently in a fire science degree and i no one has told me it will help getting hired, only that it may help with promotions once your in. the way it looks most places want medics so thats my next step i belive

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    It's very important to research departments for which you may want to work, and see how their requirements sit with college.
    My department will give you five extra points on your final score to make the eligible list; that can be several hundred applicants, or more.

    Other departments out there require you to have a certain number of credits, or a degree within a set period of time once you are hired. It will depend on the actual department for which you apply.

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    I have yet to come across a department that requires any degree (be it an AA, BS, BA, in any major). However, it can play into additional points in a hiring process, education incentive pay upon being hired (some departments will give you an extra $150-500 a month for it), and for many departments its necessary or extremely beneficial for promotions.

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