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    Default Got some questions about a career in firegithing

    im about to become a senior and i have wanted to be a firefighter my whole life. after the upcoming football season is over, im going to get into the fire explorers program so i can get some experience and after that go to the fire academy........at least that way my plan for the past 3 years untill now.

    i live in CA and i just saw on the news how they fired like 700 firefighters in the state and that drastically made me worried about my future. that makes me think that my chances of getting hired are very slim. i really don't care if i move anywhere in the U.S just as long as i get to be a firefighter but with the tight budget i dont think theres any states that are hot to hire. so then it came to me....i thought to myself i would become a wildland firefighter. but then i poked around the internet and noticed they dont make that much at all(i think it was like 30-40k) but im cool with that because as long as i can pay my bills thats all i ask for. but then i also saw how most apply for "seasons"............why is that? can you be a professional wildland firefighter all year long or do you only come in when there are fire seasons? also if i do wildland firefighting, wont that boost my chances of getting hired at the local city stations? another question i got is how does the volunteer program work? is it the same as professional where u stay the at the station 24hours and then go home? and do you need to graduate from the fire academy to do this?

    another question is....What is Industrial firefighting? I always thought there were only 2 kinds which were the local and wildland, untill i started to notice Industrial? do they have their own stations and stuff and are they just as hard to get into?

    and last but not least....Will the fire academy give me all my certifications i need to get hired or do i need to go somewhere else after that?

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    I can't answer all your questions about employment, but this I can tell you:

    Volunteers usually have another job, when in case of an alarm they get the message and respond to the station (in some cases straight to the scene) staff the engine and go. Maryland has a system that isn't seen on very many other places, there by being a member of the VFD, you have to stay at the station for a few hours a week, in that way they have arranged for staffing. They have arranged for live-in for those who want to work a lot, they practically live at the fire station. Then during daytime when people are at work or in school, they fill in with employed people.

    Volunteers have to participate in training, that is much shorter than the academy, they are split into many courses; fire fighting, first aid etc. It varies a lot from state to state.

    Industrial fire fighting is indeed very much in existence, but in very varying forms, anything form security guards with fire extinguishers to multi-company stations with 24/7 staffing of career firefighters. Big industrial complexes will probably have a fire fighting force, refineries will have high-capacity foam equipment. And don't forget about airport firefighters.

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    Most wildland firefighters are seasonal.

    Generally there is "core" group - administration, management, finance and planning staffs plus some firefighters who perform vehicle, tool and equipment maintainence and conduct controlled burns and the like during the "off-season". This group is usually fairly small when compared to the "seasonal" force. It is a good way to get experience, training and your foot in the door and can help in the hiring process with a fulltime department, especially if the department does a lot of wildland response.

    As far as volunteer departments, most of the time you respond from home. Some volunteer departments require you to pull shifts at the station but they are very few when compared to the total. Most pay for all of your training, and again, it's a good way to give you a glimpse as to what you can expect if you are making the decsion to attempt to become a career firefighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alextherussian View Post
    i live in CA
    If you want local information about the Explorer Program, PCF, Reserves and talk to professionals in the state, go to www.californiafirefighter.com

    It free, easy and interactive.


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    First of all don't freak out! Most of us have had to wait to get hired on. Second of all, EDUCATION! If you want to be a firefighter go to college or take on-line courses in Fire Science or Emergency Management. My department hires and promotes baised on education level. Putten water on fire is the best education, but while you wait......

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