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    Default Becoming a Firefighter

    I am wondering what process one should take when switching careers and starting from scratch to become a firefighter. I am planning on going through a fire academy at my local community college as well as an emt-b course from an ambulance provider. Is this the right course of action? Should I be trying to volunteer at a fire department? I am 26 years old, have a bachelor's degree in teaching, and a very clean background and driving record. What are my chances of actually making it to a full-time paid firefighter. I want to thank anyone who would be willing to give me some advice or tips through this process.



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    As for courses there are so very open courses that I have seen offerred that are set up to be followed by one from a fire house/service. Look into what curriculam sets forth for each course NFPA or IFSTA. Also start now in taking the extra time to pay detail to your physical health and fitness.

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    Take as many tests as you can get to. Even if you dont want to work for the dept just take the test for practice. Having the degree is a good start. It would also look good on a resume if you were a volunteer. The dept should pay for your classes. Take as many as you can, it will help in the long run. As a firefighter you never stop learning.

    The most important thing is too keep your self out of trouble. Dont do anything or say anything to decrease your chances of getting on the job.

    And if you were became a volunteer and started running on calls you knows you may not like it. If that happens you say thanks guys no harm no faul.

    Any quesitons jsut ask, firefighter's are a great bunch of people, good luck and welcome to the fire service.

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    Default About volunteering

    How easy is it to get into a volunteer position? I am located in the Wayne/Washtenaw county area. Do you know of any good departments to look into. Also, how do you find out when departments are testing? Are they always testing and taking applications? Thanks again.


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