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    Default Which Census data are you using?

    When you include population information, which census are you using, 2000 or 2007? Thanks, Mike Firemikeb@sbcglobal.net

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    2000 is required for the data entry portion of the application. If you have accurate (backed up data) you can discuss it in your narrative.

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    I used the estimate mailed to our municipality by the state of wisconsin each year which is an estimation based on the 2000 census which is used to estimate voting numbers and population figures. I am not sure how mine could have gone down but I guess we have to have a fertility fundraiser to increase our grant award probailities in the furture. I also have them print me a copy and I keep it with my grant record incase they ask for proof.

    Good luck


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    If the 2007 # is lower than the 2000 # certainly use the 2000 info. 2000 is "official" US data and actual field research. It's law/ 2007 is an estimate/pull out of someones butt at state/fed level based on little/no local info.

    No-one could fault you by using the official 2000 census info.

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