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    Default Medical question...

    Hello all,

    I am 30, I live in FL and I have always wanted to be a fire fighter, so I am thinking about switching careers.

    The only thing I can see that might burst my bubble, is I have Crohns Disease, does anyone know if I could still become a FF with it? Volunteer or paid? It's a mild case of it, if that helps lol

    I have had this since I was 20 and have always worked full time with it.

    Thanks for the help

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    The best thing I can say is to ask the department at which you're looking into joining.
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    Crohn's disease may not disqualify you from employment. However, keep in mind that when on duty you must be capable of interrupting whatever you are doing and get on the rig in the fastest time possible. In my department the engineer will not pull without all the crew on board. If you are stuck in the bathroom, you will hold everyone up. It could happen to anyone, but with Crohn's disease it may happen more often.

    Also, you will be at emergency scenes for hours, without a bathroom nearby, or the time to go. How will this affect you? Only you know. Just something to consider.

    Whatever you chose to do - good luck!

    Rob Bieber

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    Thanks for the replies,

    As long as I watch what I eat, I have been living a normal life, and with the 1 medication im on, it's being kept under check.

    again, mine is not as bad as others. knock on wood***

    Thanks again!

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    Here is the medical exam paperwork for Florida:


    It doesn't look like it would disqualify you but the doctor would have to put "abnormal" on the form. But Crohn's is treatable with medication now isn't it?

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