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    Default Seminole County Florida CPAT

    This was my experience with doing the CPAT (and some other name they called it) with Seminole County Florida. I didn't find to difficult, except for the EMT stuff, which wasn't difficult .. just not the style your use to from EMS school ... but i now know i made some serious mistakes.

    *** i just heard this is the last time they are doing version and next they will follow cpat exactly ***

    You find my paragraphs do not conform to any kind of structure as i break them down for ease of reading on the net.

    A choice of what time to start was given in 15 minute intervals. I showed up early and got to go before my time because there wasn't anybody else waiting.

    Sign a waiver basically saying you won't sue them if you get hurt testing. Then we go out back in the bay area (parking apparatus bay) of the building. Plenty of airflow via very large fans .... and inside out of direct sunlight.

    A set of vitals is taken, per the paperwork, you must have a BP lower than 160 over 100 and or a pulse less then 110 when the vitals are taken in the beginning or end. Mine were both fine so i got to sit and wait.

    Eventually it was my turn. An instructor came over and lead me to the body fat measurement, sit up, push-up,treadmill area. We did a bodyfat measurement twice. The numbers were different so i don't know which they use ?? Then we went off to the tread mill. We did a warm up period and then walk / run increasing the speed and incline till target heart rate was achieved. I think they measure the time, incline and speed till HR number is achieved.

    Then on to a push-up and sit-up test done to a metronome. For push-ups they have a foam block you have to touch your chest to on the way down. Which is good because those other people who cheat by not going down all the way ..... yeah we know who you are and you not fooling anybody !!!

    Sit-ups are done to a metronome too. No specific number just as many as you can do without missing the beat to much. Then the dreaded sit and reach. http://www.indussportsmed.co.in/imag...0n%20reach.jpg
    It sure would be nice to know what number they are looking for .... something to train too .... You start off with your back and waist to the wall. The they place a box off the tip of your feet and you stretch and push a sliding piece of plastic along a ruler. Again, we have no idea what number they are looking for.

    **** I may not have the exact order of these areas but i dont think i forgot any .. if i did post'em up and i'll fix the original post ******

    Take a bit of a rest, then walk with instructor around the CPAT course while they explain each station to you. You place on a 40 pound weight-vest, work gloves and a hard hat (construction style). Time begins when you enter a maze. This is just a large U shape maze.
    The tunnel is about 3 feet by 3 feet. The are some tight twists, low ceilings and turns but nothing that anybody should be nervous about.

    Next up after the maze is the dummy drag. After working out with a 185 pound dummy on rough concrete in fire school .... this 175 pound dummy (if it was that much) was easy. Drag the dummy around the cone and place it back in the box painted on the floor (i used the short strap attached to the middle). Unknown distance ... 100 feet total maybe ??

    Next up is the simulated hydrant turn. This is not hard at all but you get going so fast your hand slips off sometimes. 18 turns in each direction ..... and the instructor tells you when you get to 18 .. place the wrench back in the sleeve and we follow the painted lines on the floor around the cones to the next area.

    This is the ladder area. My guess was raising a ladder was dangerous and i wondered how they got around it. This is how. Grab an extension ladder (24) off of the wall and walk over to a box painted on the floor and set it down. Then go over to the wall where they have a ladder bolted to the wall (much safer). Extend the 24 ft extension ladder and call out dogs are locked. Lower the ladder and you are done.

    Then comes the dreaded stair climb. You still have on your 40 lb weight vest and then you have to pick up a high rise pack. Climb on the stairs for like 1 min and 30 seconds.

    Next is the breach and pull machine.

    . It simulates pulling ceiling with a pike pole. You do this a total of 3 sets (push three times & pull three times = one set)

    Hose advance. Grab an UNCHARGED hose line with nozzle and go about 50ft and then around a barrel for 25ft more ?? and gently place the nozzle in the square painted on the floor.

    Then the hardest of all .. .. grab an ems bag weighing 25 pounds walk 50 ft around a cone and walk back ... gently placing the bag in the painted square on the floor.

    There is more, but my fingers are sore. Bye for now.
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    Next up is a maze in bunker gear, mask and air-pack. This is a long maze where you are not searching for victims or anything else .. just follow the charged hose line OUT. I don't want to reveal anymore about this. It would take some of fun away.

    Then an EMS assessment. My scenario was ......... I'm not telling you'll have to experience this for yourselves.

    Ok i hoped i might have answered some questions for anybody wondering what the process was like. They advised us we will get a cal 18th or 19 of May 2009 if we are selected for an interview. If no phone call .... DO NOT CALL THEM.

    All in all i could have shaved 2 or 3 minutes off my CPAT time IF THEY HAD SAID TIME WAS VERY IMPORTANT. I went in with the attitude that completion was equally as important as time. This seems not to be the case ... oh well .. i may get a call and i may not. There is always next time.

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