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    A few fellow firefighters and I were having a discussion on the setup of our TNT airbags. One felt that the inline shut off valve should be on the bottle side so you can shut the line off to change bottles. The other opinion was that the valve should be on the bag side of the manifold so you can lock off your bag. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    I was always taught to put the inline shut off on the bag side. That way you can shut it off and lock the bag out. this prevents the operator from mistakenly deflating the bag. I know it is a long shot however it adds one more measure of safety whilie working under the load (in addition to cribbing of course). Plus the bottle already has a shut off on the bottle itself. If not the air would always leak out.

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    Most airbag kits only come with three hoses; only two go directly to the bags. By putting the valve on the bag you can inflate multiple bags with those two hoses. It doesn't really matter where the valve goes.

    I personnally like to put the valve at the end of the hose and not directly on the bag. Just buy more hoses of mutilple colors! Everything is now located outside the hazard zone.

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