Hey I am looking for some Advice, Tips, Thoughts, Or Ideas. I am a Captain/Training Officer on my local town volunteer fire dept. My dept. only runs about 75-100 calls a years, we have 29 members on our roster and out of those 29 members we only have 7 "truly active" members and 2 of those seven are captains of a neighboring vol. fire dept. so they are pretty busy with that so honestly we only have 5 active members and 2 of those 5 are the assistant chief and chief. We have a few others who show up every now and again but they dont have any training that will allow them to be able to fight a interior structure fire. We have very good equipment, and a pretty decent facility. I need help with ideas. Today I made up some flyers and took to some of the local businesses and churches and handed out to try and get some people interested in the fire dept.