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Thread: Brand Names

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    Default Brand Names

    Just heard about a Company getting a DHS phone call in reference to a 2008 FP application because brand names were listed in the application. Looks like they are taking this seriously! If they think FPS is bad, I'm sure AFG this year is gonna be loads of fun.

    At the very least, sounds like FPS is on the move shortly!

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    I'm still trying to figure out these companies that are hawking their writer's services to help you write a grant for the products that their same company directly sells! Isn't that supposed to now be against the rules?
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    That's exactly why they are making phone calls.

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    If the writer works for the company directly, yes 'tis against the PG. If the writer is not a direct employee, it's OK. Meaning if the writer is not exclusive to one company, does direct hire work etc, etc. What they're after is that anyone writing is actually working towards the best interest of the applicant, not the vendor. What's bad is that within this rule some of the good people that were direct employees got sucked down with the ones that weren't. I know lots of writers that were direct employees that told departments to go after another project because they needed something else more.

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