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    Default Last Minute Scba App Questons

    Ok, I realize I shouldn't have waited until the last minute to get this wrapped up, but anyway, couple of quick questions.

    Program guidance says priority goes to departments wishing to equip 100% (in the case of SCBA ... 100% of seated positions). Question is this: We have 40 riding positions but 4 of them are on water tenders who never actively fight fire, they do nothing but transport water. We also have 17 seats on wildland apparatus that don't fight fire that would require an SCBA. I have no desire to place 40 SCBA in service, we'd never use them. I'm thinking one for each seat in the structural engines and the command vehicle and thats it. Am I going to get scored lower because I'm not asking for 40?

    We currently have 14 SCBA, 8 that meet the 1997 standard, want to keep those in service. And we have 6 that were manufactured in 1981, we want to repalce those. And we'd like to add a few to the total stock. So how do I show that in the application questions. The drop down box says "Replace old obsolete" or "Add to department supply" there is no section for BOTH?

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    You are limited to no more than the number of riding positions, you aren't required to ask for that many. Call volume will provide (or refute) the number requested. Choose "Replace old obsolete".
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    Make sure you're planning for the future, as well. While you may only need 14 SCBA for now, are you going to need 20 in a couple of years? NFPA has a certain number of SCBA they want per apparatus, but I can understand not wanting them on brush trucks or tankers where there's no good place to carry them. You may also be looking at ISO points for your 4 per engine, plus 6 for your service company.

    Just don't short yourself to a point you'll regret it in the future when you need some more packs and are going to have a hard time asking for them because you got this grant.

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    Default scba harnesses for 9130

    I wondering if anyone can help me with a search for the 9130 scba interspiro harness I am working on FO I certification and need info on this subject. And yes I know it is an outdated system but where I am at we still use them but our harnesses are sort of worn out.

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