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    Default RETAKING the CPAT

    i am in need of some advice/direction in training for re-taking the CPAT. I took the CPAT approx. 3 weeks ago and due to having the stomach flu, I didn't finish in time (i made it to the last station but had 10 seconds left) and got extremely dehydrated and took an ambulance ride to the ER. I am in fairly decent physical shape but want to know what the best exercises to train for the whole thing are. i want to build endurance but dont want to kill myself everytime i train for the test.

    anyone that has taken it and trained, what should i do and how long should i wait to re-take it?


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    First thing first.
    Rather than write a sob story about the stomach flu, find out what your weakest stations are. Tell us your height weight ratio, body type and your current exercise routine. This will allow people to give you better advice. Asking extremely open ended questions will bring in less of a response. Also, there are hundreds of posts on how to exercise on this forum as well as the internet as a whole.
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