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    Default Bilco Door Forcible Entry

    Hey guys Iím looking for some ideas and experiences youíve had forcing entry to Bilco style basement doors. I realize the easiest way would be to cut the cross bolt between the two doors, but just assuming you didnít have a saw what would you try? And what are the weak points to go after?
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    "Bilco" current offers multiple styles of doors. Metal and composite.

    The composite might be a little easier to break into due to the fact that they offer inter-changeable panels with different options. With a sledge you could probably knock those panels out and access the lock assembly that way.

    The steel door, you may face a few extra challenges with. The newer style door that I've seen locally has a 3" over-lap panel over the second door to help with water runoff. You may have luck with the irons to bend this over and make a purchase point in the area of the locking assembly.

    Both style doors share their locking assemblies. Usually you'll have two latches that slide into a hole in the frame of the other door. Although don't be surprised to find a 2x4 or other piece of lumber securing the doors from opening.

    Your best bet is a good saw that will cut through the metal locking devices. Quickest and easiest method.

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    Hey 343 thanks for the link, I am putting together an outside the box forcible entry program for our guys and that should help.
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