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    Talking Paramedic to FF/Medic: a transition (FL)

    Found this site from EMT City, first time poster. I have just moved to Florida from North Carolina for my boyfriends job. Where I am from, EMS is completely separated from FD so I have no firefighter training at all. I have a AS degree in EMS and will be taking the FL medic exam in a few weeks. Problem is I am living in Sunrise (south FL) and all the 911 jobs I could find are FF/Medic.

    At this point, I really can't afford to shell out 2-4 thousand dollars (higher for me as an out of state student) for the 450 hour FF I & II class. I need to work at least part time, so attend a 9 to 5 class would be difficult. Is is possible to take the class in individual courses, rather than as one big expensive class? Or does it not work that way?

    I have the utmost respect for the FD and appreciate all their work along side us and vice versa, but I don't feel I am really built to be a firefighter. I am very petite and small framed. It took a lot of time at the gym to be able to handle the stretcher and bags as a medic. Realistically, would I be able to just work on the ambulance or would I generally be required to be on the apparatus?

    Thanks for any info you can give me.

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    Plantation, FL is the only city that runs EMS separate from fire in that area.(it's all under the Fire Dept, but EMS are single role providers). Downside is that it's a smaller department and you are hired as an EMT/Driver for about 1 year until you're promoted to medic. Otherwise your options would be to drive out to Collier County, Lee County, or down in the Keys for 911 EMS separate from fire. There are 3 major private amb co's that do interfacility, back up 911, and BLS transports for FD (AMR, American, and Medics). I believe medics has the current contract to do BLS transports in Palm Beach County.

    As far as the fire academy goes. There are 2 academies in Broward County (Broward Fire Academy and Coral Springs Fire Academy). Both run a full time program which is about 3 months M-F and a part-time, which is about 6 months 2 nights a week and every saturday or so all day. You could probably work full time and do the part time academy and be done in 6 months. You're schedule will be packed and you will be tired, but when you're done you'll be a very eligible candidate with your medic. there are many excellent departments in Broward, palm beach and dade counties.

    Two other things, 1.) have you considered working as a medic in the ER, there are 16 acute care hospitals in Broward. Some pay more than others. 2.) Check into Miami-Dade county and city FD. I believe both will put you through the fire academy if hired. One of them was just hiring, I'm not sure if they closed the app period yet.

    PM if you need further info, I lived down there for a few years and got my medic down there but have since moved out. Good luck!

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