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    Default Vehicle Anatomy Guide Usage?

    Are there any departments on this forum that have/use Holmatro's Rescuer's Guide to Vehicle Safety Systems, the Moditech Crash Recovery System, or similar type of reference at motor vehicle collision scenes?

    If you do, I am wondering what your experiences have been with them? Things such as ease of use, remembering to use them, and/or other concerns you may have. Does your service have their use incorporated in your rescue SOG's?

    If your service does not use these currently, what are your reasons, if any, for not?

    Please post here (or contact me at ejr@rescuetechs.com if you would rather not post here.)

    Thank you!

    (I have posted this on several forums to get a broader opinion...)
    Eric J. Rickenbach ("EJR")
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    our department has talked about getting guides, but we never have!!!!!
    would like to get guides where do i find them @ could have used them several times this last year.

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    We just purchased the Moditech system from Hurst for our new rig mounted computers. We looked at the Holmatro software also, and felt the Moditech system was right for us. It gives you a nice large picture of the vehicle and allows you to remove various parts of the vehicle to see other parts better. It shows batteries, air bags, high voltage cables, discharge rates for air bags. It seemed as though the Holmatro Rescuer's Guide was essentially the book on cd, and we were looking for something more interactive. Lots of good information, we just liked the Moditech setup better.

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