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    I am a 28 year old who is married with one child. I am trying to get hired up here in washington state. I have like 5 charge offs on my credit but ive never been arrested and I have a squeaky clean background with the exception of the bad credit. I am not able to start paying on those chargeoffs because of all the bills with a new baby and such. Also I have only ever been fired from one job because of a dispute with a partner. So my question is will that one thing keep me from passing backgrounds with LAFD. Also is there a maximum age for LAFD?

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    Have you gone to their website to check some of these out?
    Credit will play a factor for them. Have you filled out their pre-application questionnaire?
    Good luck,

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    I have looked around I just didn't know if someone on here would know the answer.

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    djbaldwin2- Get the local answers you need. A few LAFD people over at

    Good luck.

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