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    Default Joining the NAVY with ADD

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    It would probably depend on the severity of your ADD as well as if it's medically treated, and what meds (if any) you take. Just talk to a recruiter.

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    All of the branches of the service have similar programs. Being Navy doesn't mean you'll spend 5 years sailing around the world on a cruise ship. The Marines get all their med support from the Navy.

    Get over the ADD BS and get on with life. You've been screwed with that nonsense through your childhood but don't let it define you for the next 50years. When you get out of school and out in the real world no one cares or is going to take the excuse. You have to perform just like everyone else.

    Lazy public school teachers love the ADD thing as makes a drugged out student is easy and docile. Quack doctors (shrinks) get rich off ADD. Everyone wins except the kid.

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    Everyone I know in the service who had ADD/ADHD had to get off thier medications and be off them for at least one whole year and get a doctor to sign off that they do not have to be medically controlled yada yada. Basically you can have certain "medical conditions" just so long as you do not have to be medically dependant, the whole philsophy is that you become a libality if you have a condition that is medically controlled and you get into a situtation where you are unable to receive those medications you become "combat inaffective" and place the rest of the unit at risk. Talk to your local recruiter, they know the official policies and the waiver system far better than I could ever hope to.

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