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    Default Looking for training ideas

    I am starting a new training idea in my department. We are doing a quarterly training packet that consists of several department evolutions that must be gone over in the quarter (wich we already have writen in our training manual) and other in-house quick and easy drills that we can do in and around the station. If anyone has any ideas on topics that I could include in this packet I would be very grateful! So far I just have some things like radios, thermal imaging camera review, RIT bag review, hand tools and power tools etc... I would like to compile a large list of things that I could use over time. Thanks in advance!


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    Please tell us a little about the department you have.

    What is your role/function/rank?

    There is a variety of topics that are impairitive and should be done. As always ensure that the basic engine company drill should never be overlooked. This is a nessesity. Also, bunker drills, scba donning, emergency traffic radio procedures, table top drills, water movement/relays, truck functions, pumping master streams, proper hydrant hook ups, aerial deployment, portable ladder drills, extrication tools, machinery extrications, vehicle extrications, stabilization proceedures, trench awareness/operations.............. just to start
    Originally Posted by madden01
    "and everyone is encouraged to use Plain, Spelled Out English. I thought this was covered in NIMS training."

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    You do not have to reinvent the wheel.
    Go to Chief Goldfeder's website(closecalls.com): Look under weekly fire drills.

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    What does your rating require?

    Under the rating system in LA, there are certain types of drills that must be performed X times a year.

    As an example, a multi-company live structural drill must be performed monthly. SCBA training, exclusive of the live fire drill, must be performed once a quarter.

    Do you run EMS? What must you train on there for CEU hours?

    What training must you perform to prepare for special hazards or special occupancies?

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    Any one who is interested, I have just developed a 100-plus page training index for my department.

    Some of the training is department specific but most is fairly general in nature.

    Email me at Firesafetyed@aol.com if interested.

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