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    I am working on a new web site that I hope will help Fire departments with their fundraising as well as helping property owners. Of course, I benefit too so it's an all around win-win.

    The site is It's a simple service where property owners register their property and place a highly reflective sticker in a front window. If there is an emergency or problem while the property owner is away, the property owner can be notified by calling the toll free number on the sticker.

    I was hoping I could get some opinions on the concept, actual site and anything you can think of. I'm trying to make this a win-win so everyone is happy. Fire Depts can sign up to become an affiliate as can other organizations needing to fundraise. I'll send the affiliates some flyers and cards to give to property owners...these cards will have a coupon code and when used, associate the new subscriber to the affiliate (Fire Dept). This means for everyone signed up, the affiliate gets a percentage of the sign up fee. On top of that, every year when the property owner renews, the affiliate gets a percentage of the renewal.

    Once a property owner has purchased a subscription, I'll send them a highly reflective sticker. Ideally this sticker will be placed in a front window so it can be quickly noticed.

    Thoughts, comments?

    Thank you,

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