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    Unhappy First Confirmed Incident Involving Use Of Text Messaging In A Mva

    Sheri, you might have some better (local) information on this incident. Specifically, was it "eastbound" on TCH, between Town & Country and Tillicum malls?

    Coroner: Texting while driving played role in death

    By Joanne Hatherly, Times ColonistMay 27, 2009Comments (10)

    A 26-year-old Victoria man may be the first traffic fatality attributed to the use of a BlackBerry device in the province, say Saanich police.

    Michael Edward Wolsynuk's BlackBerry showed that he was texting a message at the time his truck jumped a concrete median and crashed into another truck, concluded a B.C. Coroner's report and Saanich police investigation.

    At 3:57 p.m. on Jan. 10, Wolsynuk's northbound 2005 Dodge truck crossed the median on the Trans-Canada Highway just north of the Town and Country shopping centre, and into the path of a southbound 2003 Dodge pickup truck that was larger in size, said Saanich police spokesman Sgt. John Price.

    Wolsynuk sustained massive head and neck injuries and died in hospital six days later on Jan. 16. The driver in the other truck, a 41-year-old Victoria man, went to hospital with whiplash injuries and was released. The driver of the third vehicle involved in the crash, a Nissan Micra that was also travelling southbound, was uninjured.

    The investigation concluded neither of the other two drivers contributed to the crash.

    Police crash analysts found other factors contributed to the deadly crash. The roadway was wet and the left curve in the northbound lane had standing water, which could have caused the truck to hydroplane.

    Wolsynuk's rear tires were also significantly worn and the box of his truck was empty, which would make it difficult to regain traction once the vehicle was out of control.

    The single factor that significantly lowered the crash's "survivability," said Price, was that Wolsynuk was not wearing a seatbelt, so he was thrown across the truck compartment in the impact, which led to the severity of his injuries.

    Witnesses said Wolsynuk was not speeding.

    Wolsynuk's mother and family permitted Saanich police to release his name in the hope that others would learn from his actions.

    Price said Wolsynuk's mother "would like to know that he didn't die in vain," and she conveyed the message that others should buckle up when on the road.

    Price urged drivers to give the road their full attention, noting that as distracting as talking on a cellphone can be, texting or messaging is even more deadly.

    Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

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    All cell phone use that is not hands free should be banned.

    Working on it in Wisconsin right now in legislation.
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    My understanding is that it was on Douglas by the T&C, he was going northbound, jumped the median and hit the southbound vehicle.
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    You guys are so behind... In the land of Nokia, must have been 10 years ago when Nokia released it's first phone with the "worms" -game, a cargo truck went over into the opposite lane and down the ditch and made friends with the trees. He was busy playing and didn't notice a thing before the ditch. Other cars noticed what was going on and could stay out of the way, no serious injuries to anyone, driver got fined for reckless driving and causing an accident.
    It's now illegal to fiddle with the phone or talk without hands-free while driving.

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