Hey guys, I'm 19 years old, will be 20 by the time i take the civil service exam next april. (some background) I currently live in FL, but I am set on moving back to MA, my home state, to become a firefighter. I have a little dilemma though, I am currently enrolled at my local community college and am taking a first responder course this summer. I have contacted a few firefighters in Boston about this problem but i thought i would open up to you guys. I have the opportunity to go the the local fire academy here($2,500 FF1&FF2) and i also have the opportunity to become a licensed EMT. I have been told by a few people primarily BFD(Boston fire Dept) that they are going to send me through their state academy if i get hired. So my question is; what is your opinion on this? should i go to the fire academy out of state near my current home, or wait on that and take the EMT class here?
Sorry for the length, i know it's alot to read. Hope you can help.
p.s. i'm not sure if ill have the time to take both.