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    Default Question about checkered past and polygraph

    When I was a teen I was kind of a wild child. I bought and smoked weed, but was never arrested or ticketed, I stole from a department store, but wasn't caught or arrested, and I also stole money from a previous employer. This was all in the 15 - 18 year old area.

    What kind of problems am I going to have after admitting this stuff on the pre polygraph packet of questions, and then the polygraph?

    I really am a good person and just ran around doing stupid things and am very remorseful. I want very badly to be a firefighter, and will do anything to better my chances of becoming one.

    P.S. I live in a BIG city in Texas, and there a alot of applicants and not so many openings, and I am very worried that I wont look as good as some other people.

    Please help.

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    anyone? bump

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    That doesn't sound too good. You have to balance the negatives out with some positives to shed some light on your application. Do you have any higher education classes/degrees, volunteer experiences, work experience in the fire/ems field? Any certifications (emt, paramedic, acls, pals, ICS, ect)?

    Don't expect to get hired if there is a large applicant pool and very few positions if you don't have any of the above items, because I'm sure some of those other applicants do. In which case you need to look at gaining some work experience, private EMS is pretty easy to get into, or a volunteer FD or rescue squad. You'll need to take a cpr and emt class first. Also look at completing the free ICS classes on the FEMA website.

    If you do have some of those above items, you may be fine, not many people are squeeky clean.

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