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    Default CDL Issue FINALLY resolved!!

    Well they have finally repaired the issue in NY. The new law states that a firefighter or police officer is not required to have a CDL in order to operate an emergency vehicle IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THEIR DUTIES. So now we can drive for emergencies, training, parades, public events and not worry about being criminals simply for doing the job.

    Now if NY would straighten out the crap in regards to the blue light/warning light law.

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    Hats off to FASNY for an excellent job in getting the laws modified to what they should have been in the first place.
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    Default CDL Idea Jeopardized A Lot of Lives

    It is a good thing to know that the CDL mess has been straightened out so that any qualified and trained driver can take a truck out on a call instead of having to wait for a CDL holder to get to the station, by which time an occupied house could be fully involved. It is the kindergarten mentality that is so rampant in the New York State Legislature, particularly that bunch of overgrown babiers known as the Senate that can put people's lives at risk, not to mention firefighters and other emergency responders. As a result of the 32 day Kindergarten Session known as the Senate standoff, such juvenile and infantile actions by this pathetic excuse of a bunch of lawmakers can be very dangerous, if not deadly to any firefighter's health.

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