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    Default Minitor 3 programming.

    I need to get my minitor 3 programmed for my first aid squad but it costs $40 dollars which is a rip off. Is there a way I can connect my pager without having to get the $100 base? Im short on money right now and need to save in anyway possible. I find it ridiculous that a company would overcharge for a simple service that is part of saving peoples lives.

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    Sure, Buy the software and the cable and programming cable yourself. Then you can do it for free. Check EBAY for them.

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    Default Minitor III Programming

    Here is another suggestion. Check around the local area for Fire Departments or other EMS Squads that might use Minitor pagers and see if you can find one that already does their own programming.

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    I am new to the site and a radio dealer and do it for free or $10 if there is a bunch for my fire depts. If you are in northern calif let me know or you can ship it to me. I can also do every radio brand as well and even the new SwissPhone Fire pager....we have over 134 of them here in use now county-wide.

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