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    Default Looking for Dive Rescue Team Funding info/help

    Hi all;
    We're a volunteer Dive Search & Rescue Team and are at a stumbling block looking for equipment funding sources thru FEMA/HS. We're sanctioned thru the County Department of Emergency Management here and serious about what we're tasked with doing.
    Any suggestions for where to go, specifically, for Grants for dive equipment, watercraft and vehicles would be greatly appreciated. I've been pointed to DRI, who re-directs me to HS, etc. That's like looking for a small child in the middle of a massive concert crowd.

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    Default Dive Team Grants

    You might look at:

    Also, there is a port security grant that is available. The following was posted last night at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SAR-Diver/

    Port Security Grant Program (PSGP)
    NOTE: Completed applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM ET, June
    29, 2009.


    The ARRA is an economic stimulus package that was designed to jumpstart the U.S.
    economy, create or save millions of jobs, and put a down payment on addressing
    long-neglected challenges nationally. Funds received under this Act are intended
    to support these goals, and unprecedented levels of transparency, oversight, and
    accountability are required of the expenditure of Act dollars.

    The purpose of the FY 2009 ARRA PSGP is to create a sustainable, risk-based
    effort to protect critical port infrastructure from terrorism, particularly
    attacks using explosives and non-conventional threats that could cause major
    disruption to commerce.

    Eligibility and Funding

    Total Funding Available: $150,000,000

    Seven port areas have been selected as Group I (highest risk), forty-seven port
    areas have been selected as Group II and thirty-six port areas have been
    selected as Group III. Each Group I, Group II and Group III port area will
    compete for funding identified in their corresponding Group. These amounts are
    based upon the FY 2009 DHS risk analysis model. This will allow applicants to
    submit Investment Justifications (IJs) for projects without being confined to a
    set dollar amount, providing DHS the opportunity to conduct field and national
    reviews of each project and make awards based on the two overarching priorities
    of the ARRA PSGP, risk-based funding and regional security cooperation, as well
    as evaluating the extent to which each IJ buys-down risk for their port area.

    Ports not identified in Group I, II or III are eligible to apply as an "All
    Other Port Areas" applicant. "All Other Port Areas" will compete for the funding
    identified in this Group. "All Other Port Areas" included within Group I, II or
    III's Area Maritime Security Plans (AMSP) are allowed to receive grant funds
    from their geographically proximate higher Group if the project has regional
    impact across the entire port area, but not from both funding groups for the
    same project.

    Under a fifth group, eligible ferry systems may also apply for funding.

    The Fiduciary Agent process will not be utilized in the ARRA PSGP. Eligible
    applicants will apply directly to FEMA for funding under this program.

    For additional information, please visit:


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