I'm Mike Stefano, the health and fitness editor here at Firehouse.Com. I'm also the author of the Firefighter's Workout Book and Master Kettlebell Coach with the American Kettlebell Club (AKC) ... okay, enough boring stuff.

One of the guys who works with me as a kettlebell trainer, let's call him Bill (he prefers to stay anonymous) was about to be hired by the FDNY. He passed everything, physical, medical, run, and at the 11th hour he got a call the class was canceled. Ouch!

Bill wants to be a firefighter, if not here, anywhere. So he goes down to NC to test with a large department. Of course, this time around he's been training with kettlebells using AKC methodology of timed sets (as long as ten minutes and more). He aces his CPAT, fully conversational as he makes his way from event to event.

In the end he's brought to a recovery area, and told he can't leave until his heart rate drops to under 100. Well, it only got up to 144, and in five minutes he asks for a pulse check. He was told, "forget it, wait half an hour".

With a little insistence, he got his pulse check of 95 and was on his way.

Not sure if he'll relocate and take the job. We're hoping the FDNY starts hiring once again so Bill can stay right here...

Just thought that might be a bit of a motivational story for guys preparing for CPAT. My brand of kettlebell training will make a huge difference - I guarantee it. My staff and I do seminars for departments around the country. I also have a beginner level online video option.

Good Luck and Be Safe,