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    Default Factory Air bag course w/ some big truck rescue training

    Matjack / International Wreckers Jumbo Safe Lift Cushions
    is pleased to announce the dates for the 2009 Factory Training/Certification Class

    August 22 & 23, 2009
    in Indianapolis, Indiana

    This class offers attendees the most comprehensive in-depth practical use of air bags/cushions offered anywhere in the US and Canada

    This will be a intensive two day class involving both classroom and practical instruction by several factory certified trainers who have extensive "in the field" resumes of the use of this equipment.......featuring internationally recognized industry trainer Howard L. Eagan. In addition to Mr. Eagan, Jeff Martin and James Dougherty of BTR Training & Consulting, along with John Sweezy JR President & CEO of Matjack/International Wreckers Jumbo Safe Lift and also Bill Leonhauser owner of Penndel Towing/Recovery.

    Additionally, attendees will also have the opportunity to be trained on the use of Landing Cushions, which is the newest pneumatic technological introduction into the recovery field

    No matter what brand of bags/cushions you or your personal are using, this class will be informative

    Haven't used your bags/cushions in awhile? Do you have personal that haven't had the opportunity to be formally trained/certified? Maybe need a refresher?

    If you are considering the purchase of this type of equipment, then this class is a must. The training personal on hand will be able to answer your questions and concerns in a non-pressure environment.. Again, all personal have a extensive field resume, not that of only controlled environments and no field work.

    This class is a must prerequisite for the level 2/master certification class we will be conducting in the future that will also include underwater work.

    We also plan on doing a few Big Truck Rescue scenarios with the class along with some classroom discussion from the staff of BTR. This information is great to bring back to your community and share with your local emergency services.

    Come see why both many major and small companies, municipalities, departments count on this training for their needs.

    The class is taught in a professional manner utilizing PowerPoint presentation/digital projector


    THIS CLASS ALWAYS HAS SOLD OUT YEAR AFTER YEAR. Whether you are planning on having some of your personal attend or you yourself, please book early.

    lodging/course price listed below

    call the factory toll free in the US @ 800-827-3755
    or 317-359-3078

    please note, the lecture portion of the class will be held in the conference room at the hotel each morning. we have decided this is simply the best situation for the students whereas they can leave there room and walk down for the lecture. Breakfast will be served as well as Lunch, then the class will head over together to the practical location.

    Baymont Inn and Suites

    6010 Gateway Drive
    Plainfield, IN 46168
    317-837-1100 Fx

    Attn: Rebecca Kramer, Dir. Of Sales

    Mention you are there for the "Matjack class"
    Room rate of $69.00 per night
    In Hotel, meeting room reserved for classroom work material
    Swimming pool, rec room and complimentary breakfast

    Cost per student is $300.00 with breakfast and lunch provided both days
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    just a note, I got off the phone with John Friday, class is almost full and will most likely be sold out/full by the end of this month.

    If anyone is interested please contact matjack.
    this class offers the most comprehensive training available for low, medium, and high pressure bags/cushions

    course info is also located the manufacture website


    We have had many attend this course from both the rescue and towing/recovery professions.

    If your department is doing rescue on commercial trucks, this is a great class. You will receive first hand knowledge of the proper way of SAFELY lifting this vehicles for rescue purposes. Their are many teaching incorrect methods of this, learn first hand from individuals who have a great resume of knowledge in this field, and have/still do work in it.
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