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    I am 19 working on S-190 and s-190 classes in Maine I am heading out to Washington soon. I am wondering what would be some good certs to get besides emt/paramaedic? is getting first responder required and I am trying to find a place that I can get that. I am also working on getting FF1 ASAP plus I will be in the middle of washington state around in Wenatchee.

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    You could not ask for a better place to pursue a Fire Training than Wanatchee (sp) EMT would be good, paramedic IMHO is over kill unless you wanna work the MED unit in a Bigger fire.
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    I used to work on the Okanogan-Wenatchee N.F. it is a great place to work. I loved it up there. My suggestion would be Emt, Basic 32 (S-190, S-130, L-180, I-100), S-211, S-212 would not hurt either.
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