Hello All,

I am a 31 year old male from Boston, MA interested in serving my country as a firefighter. Most likely because of obligations to my family I would have to serve in a reserve or guard capacity. I am a college graduate who has tested and scored very highly on exams, but not being a veteran or medic has lowered my status as a candidate. In my hometown, to get on the FD means being a VET, and they assist as BLS to a private ambulance service. Most members are EMT-B certified at the most. I realize unless I am activated I would not be considered a veteran in the state of Mass., but I would like to join a branch of the service where one weekend a month I would actually work at a military base in a firefighting capacity. Ultimately my career goal would to be a full-time paid firefighter, but I do feel a strong urge to serve in the military.

My Q's are as follows:

What branch is best at having FFs serve in a reserve/guard capacity? (I want to be in a firehouse or training for the job on the weekends/weeks I am there.) I have read on the forums that the AF is generally considered the best for active duty. Does this hold for the AF reserve and guard as well?

Will the DOD certs transfer over to MA civilian fire depts.? I believe MA is under NFPA standards, but I read that (Pro-Boards?) can get the DOD certs transferred to NFPA for a fee?

Any additional advice would be appreciated. I have read and done searches of the forums, but some of the posts and responses were not current, so I figured I would ask for advice that is up-to-date.

Thanks in advance.