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    Default Firefighter Response System

    I just stumbled across this interesting system that can inform command of who is currently responding to an emergency dispatch. Is anyone else using this system? I am curious as to the speed and effectiveness of a system like this.

    Firefighter Response System

    Keith Huster

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    Came across this recently as well, also looking for information.
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    Default Some practical use

    This topic has interested me for years. So much that I had started to design a system to track our volunteers. But that all stopped when I came across a similar system called IAMRESPONDING (www.iamresponding.com). My department was one of the first users in CT and we have had tremendous success with the system. The IAMRESPONDING product is a robust system that allows so much flexibility and is really easy for even our computer challenged folks to handle.

    We use the system to not only track our responders but it has the ability to track duty shifts and so much more. It is also reasonably priced. The support is outstanding, normally one phone call or Email and problem solved.

    I have not demoed the FFRS product since we are happy with IAMRESPONDING, but it looks like an exact copy of the system we are using.

    Hope this helps and gives you some alternatives

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    I like the idea, but I can think of a few possible issues.

    First, you need to be near a terminal to see who is responding. If the station is unmanned, then no one will know who is responding until they arrive at the station unless a radio call in is done also.

    The other issue is that the system relies on many types of infastructure; radio, internet and cell phone systems plus the electricity to run them all. If any one is not there, the system won't work. Many volunteer/call depts are in rural areas which may not have cell service, or at least that which is reliable. In an emergency such as the big ice storm in the Northeast this past year, my dept was without power, internet and our radio repeater for several days. There isn't normally cell phone service.

    Anyone addressed or experienced any of this?

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    Default Reliable

    We have setup our fire stations to have electrical backup along with all of our telecommunications. In CT we experience several ice storms a year and have not experienced one time were our cell systems (since going to this system)have gone down since the cell towers all have backup systems in place.

    We are also going to be installing the main screen in our dispatch office. This will enable the dispatchers to see if the message sent was received and that people are responding. If not they can re tone the message or dispatch mutual aid faster.

    Since installation, it is a rare occurrence that members are left behind at the station and a truck arrives with only a driver, since the driver now knows to wait because they can see that people are responding to the station.

    Finally, during times of major storms or disaster our standard operational procedure is to staff our stations with response crews and then the system is not utilized until the standby crews are released.

    Food for thought!

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    Default iamresponding

    That program is an inferior version of iamresponding.com (in my opinion, of course). Iamresponding.com is phenominal. My department has used it for 2 years and I strongly suggest trying it.

    According to the iamresponding.com website, over 26,000 first responders use iamresponding.com. How can they be wrong?

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