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    Thumbs up We Always Knew This But Still

    Its nice to hear from an outside source.

    The world trusts a firefighter

    Reuters June 7, 2009

    Firefighters are the most trusted professionals in Europe and the United States, and politicians the least, with bank employees less trusted than a year ago, according to a survey released Friday.

    After a year in which much of the world slid into recession led by a crisis in the financial sector, just 37 per cent of respondents to a survey by market research institute GfK said they trusted bankers, compared with 45 per cent a year ago.

    Firefighters were trusted by 92 per cent of respondents, and politicians by 18 per cent.

    Some of the biggest variations between the countries included in the survey -- 16 European countries and the United States -- were found in levels of trust in the church, the police and judges.

    The clergy is trusted by 88 per cent of Romanians but just 26 per cent of Greeks, for example, while just 37 per cent of the Russians surveyed said they trusted the police, compared with 88 per cent in Germany.

    Bulgarian judges won 31 per cent approval, while in Poland 86 per cent said they trusted judges.

    Overall, teachers came in third, followed by postal workers, doctors and the armed forces in joint third place. Advertising professionals were second-least trusted after politicians.

    © Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

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    Yeah, there's a very good reason I yell "FIRE DEPARTMENT!" or "AMBULANCE!" when I walk into someone's home. Don't want to be mistaken for police, which in some neighborhoods are trusted at the same level as used car salesman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ActionGoose View Post
    Yeah, there's a very good reason I yell "FIRE DEPARTMENT!" or "AMBULANCE!" when I walk into someone's home. Don't want to be mistaken for police, which in some neighborhoods are trusted at the same level as used car salesman.
    Go easy Brother, go easy. Were all not that bad. But then again, I don't blame you. Everyone love the Fire Dept. No so much LEOs. Oh Well, what can you do.

    Stay Safe Brother
    Stay Safe

    “Guys if you get hurt, we’ll help you. If you get sick we’ll treat you. If you want to bitch and moan, then all I can tell you is to flick the sand out of your slit, suck it up or get the hell out!”
    - Capt. Marc Cox CFD

    Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.

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    There was a study done, must be over 20 years ago now that fire fighters had the lowest rates of divorce, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide of any profession. I believe Drs rated one of the highest if not the highest. This was attributed to the fact that FF were always trying to help and they achieved personal satisfaction from their job and the fact they were held in high esteem in the community.

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