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    Question Junior Corps

    I have recently been placed as the junior corps advisor and as a requirement I have to come up with lesson plans for them. Any ideas for trainings? Tonight I intend to have a discussion with them about LODD's and saftey, on and off and enroute to the scene. Our juniors range from 14 to 17 and are not incredibly limited for activities, our training officer sees they are our future and wants them to know it before the academy. The only thing i cant teach is ladders because they cant go higher than 6' off the ground (insurance company) As before, I just cant seem to come up with all that much to keep them interested enough to accually learn, so any ideas are more than welcome.

    Thank you for helping out
    Stay safe brothers.

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    Lightbulb Training Ideas

    As Junior Advisor for our station, I use the "Firefighting Essentials" book and try to cover as many aspects of the job I can. I just don't neccessarily have the kids do the same hands-on activities as I would with "senior" firefighters. For example, our juniors can't use SCBA but they can put on the mask to practice search and rescue. I try to cover everything in the "Essentials" manual just not to the same depth. A valuable drill for us is to learn all the tools on the apparatus by having the members retrieve equipment randomly. Its all about training for the job, even if they can't "do" the job yet.
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