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    Post Five Meade County Ky Firefighters Hurt In Crash


    They were on their way to save lives, but instead five Meade County firefighters needed saving themselves after their fire truck overturned on the way to a crash scene.

    It happened along US 448 near Brandenburg, about 30 miles southwest of Louisville.

    Police said the victims are all volunteer firefighters from Brandenburg and Doe Valley.

    LEX 18 is told rescue crews helped pull the firefighters out from under the truck.

    All five firefighters on board were airlifted to local hospitals. Their names have not been released.

    Meade County fire officials said the victims' injuries range from minor to serious, but all five were conscious when they left the scene.
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    Best wishes of recovery sent to the brothers involved. Could have turned out alot worse.
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    My friend's wife was on that rig. They were on the way to an MVA with extrication. The truck flipped and caught fire. My friend/her husband was in an engine responding to the same call shortly behind them and he was the first one on the scene and took command. They got the fire knocked down and my friend immediately started calling for additional companies. All of their rescue tools were on the crashed rig and were destroyed in the wreck, prolonging the extrication of the 5 FF's.

    From what I heard from my friend last when he was in the hospital is that everyone is stable at this time, but they are looking at a pretty long recovery as the cab of the truck did detach from the frame. This is what the engine looked like prior to the accident. This would have been a LOT worse if seatbelts had not been worn.

    Also see here for pictures and videos: http://forums.firehouse.com/showthread.php?t=108890
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    Best Wishes to all concerned for a Speedy Recovery. Dave, Please keep us informed............
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    as of today on the news at noon from what I heard the driver lost control when the water shifted..............

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