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    Default New Guy, New Times - New Career?

    What's up, guys? I'm a probationary firefighter who just found his way onto the N.E. Calhoun Volunteer Fire Department in Mississippi, and I figured I'd stop in to check this place out. I'm 20, a student in college, and so far, I'm really enjoying my time with the department.

    I'm enjoying it enough, as a matter of fact, that I've had to take a moment of pause and consider what I'm really doing with my life. As I said, I'm 20, in college... I'm going to school to be a teacher. Now, I know that there is a lot of learning and training to do as a firefighter, but everyday Academia is getting dreadfully mindnumbing and it's not looking as pleasing to me as it did two years ago... and the idea of going into the career racket as a FF is looking a little more interesting to me every day. That's part of why I joined a VFD - I wanted to sample a little bit of the life, and to try and see if I would be able to fit in.

    I want to hear opinions from you guys. Tell me what you guys have done.
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    Well, I'll make this short and sweet. 1st of all, thank you for your service as a volunteer. I have a great deal of respect for the guys who do this job with little or no financial reimbursement. That being said, I feel this is the best job in the world.

    I'll admit, I love the excitement. BUT, I also understand that when the tones go off, it's because someone is experiencing quite possibly the worse day of their life. So, there's also the heavy responsibility of helping a fellow human in need.

    You've made a very admirable move into the teaching arena. I applaud that. Helping to shape young minds is one of the greatest things you can do. But, if you truly feel that the fire service is your calling, then by all means...GO FOR IT!! Don't hold back because you feel you've already invested alot of money in your education.

    However, it may take time before you know for sure, so don't be hasty in your decision. You're young enough to weigh it all out. Either way, thank you for your self-sacrificing spirit. Pete

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    stay in school dont get me wrong the fire service is a great proffession. i started out in the volunteer department and continue to be an active part of it even though i get paid to be one. I aggree with everything sweetpea is saying, however i think you need a year or two and make some bad calls. not every body is cut out for the fire service. My advice is stay in school and continue to volunteer. that way if you cant handle the bad calls you still have a back up. that is what i did i made shure of it before i spent a year trying to get on with a paid department, i also made sure i could handle the stress of the bad scenes. plus if you still decide to enter the paid servce you have a degree that makes you look better.

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    look at what the departments you like to look for require. You may be able to stay in school and still take civil service tests without changing your major. That way you can come out with a good back up job if things don't work out or something to do on your days off.

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