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    Default Helmet Front Question

    I've recently considered purchasing a Morning Pride Ben II helmet, which is the model many of my colleagues have. Currently, I use a Cairns 1010, which I personally find heavy and uncomfortable. My question is that, will a helmet front that's been mounted on a 1010 fit on a Ben II?

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    I don't know if it will fit but there are many places that will make a helmet front for you and cost only a few dollars but check with the older members and see if the old helmet front can be modified if it doesn't fit. I'll bet somebody will know to fix it up for you. I wouldn't worry about it too much though.
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    More than likely it will. The front on my helmet came from A ben two then went to a bullard ust and now a cairns 880

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    It should fit, but if it does not check out D.E. Williams they make great Leather Fronts. They not as fast on the delivery as Thefirestore.com but the their shields are worth the wait.

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    It will fit. I had a Cairns 1010, and put the shield from that on my Ben II. It will work.

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