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    Default Paint storage

    My question, does anyone know what the best way to put out thousands and thousands of buckets of paint?

    We have a large light structure warehouse in our area, and after having seen the inside of it and how they do things there, I'm just surprised the building is still standing.

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    Alot of foam or water on the building. Otherwise let the sucker burn to the ground and protect the exposures.

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    Do you actually know what can the paints they have? Many of today's paints are latex or low VOC which have a limited amount of solvent in them. You may actually not have as much of a problem if you think you do.

    Unless they have a lot of solvents to use with the paint this may not be a very big problem at all.

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    Run off will be have to be controlled. Once the cans start heating up be aware of a lot of microBLEVE's from the cans popping. Overhaul will be your biggest concern w/ trapped vapor/liquid and hot surfaces.

    I say foam it and keep the foam on it til your sure everything has cooled. Hopefully, you can contain the foam in the building and your run off will be less. Your normal foam calculations won't apply though and you'll have to make a few guesstimates. Preplanning perspective I would shoot for 50% more foam on hand than normal when you take into account the 3-D aspect and the heat boiling your blanket off.

    Interesting in theory, would hate to deal with for real though

    Be safe, R2

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